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Screen for Xiaomi Mi A1 5X MiA1 Mi5X WITH FRAME Touch LCD Display Glass BLACK

VAT included

You have decided to change the screen of your phone because it has broken, is damaged, has been scratched, vertical stripes have appeared or on the contrary, it has dead pixels on it, whatever the reason, you are on the right page, on mobile screens .We have the replacement of full screen, LCD and Touch with Frame, for your Xiaomi MiA1 MiX5.

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You have decided to change the screen of your phone because it has been broken, it is damaged, it has been scratched, vertical stripes have appeared or on the contrary, it has dead pixels on it, whatever the reason you are on the correct page, on mobile screens. es we have the replacement of full screen, LCD and Touch, for your Xiaomi MiA1 MiX5.

From our store we help you acquire this spare part and we also give you some guidelines and tips for its subsequent installation.

We offer you the screen of Xiaomi Mi A1 Mi X5 with Marco, a quality replacement at a better price, with free shipping costs and with full return guarantee if the product does not work when you receive it, thus ensuring that your spare part is in perfect condition to perform the installation.

The screen of any mobile phone is one of the most sensitive parts of the device, they can be affected by humidity, shock, temperature and improper use of the same terminal. Not only can it break easily but it can also be damaged and damaged, scratches, pitting, dead pixels, spots, lack of touch sensitivity, etc. appear. It is in any of these situations where we must solve these problems and repair our phone by making a screen change, if possible complete, in this way you will eradicate all the problems mentioned above.

This solution is the cheapest and cheapest, another would be to buy a new phone, but this would already have to make a greater investment.

Changing this Xiaomi screen is very simple and you can do it yourself, everything you need for installation, we include it, the necessary tools are inside the package, so once you receive it you will not have to wait long Time to use it.

The screen you are about to buy has the frame that will make installation and repair of your phone even easier.


First of all check the screen you have received, check that it is the same one you need and in the right color. Check that you have received it intact and it has not been damaged by transport.

Once the received model has been checked and its condition checked, it is convenient that you have an ESD electrostatic discharge bracelet at hand. If you do not have any, be sure to discharge this electricity from your body before touching the inside of the phone, this electricity can damage the electronic components of the phone. It is advisable to also protect the eyesight, the eyes may be damaged if glass is removed when the broken screen is removed.

After all this we will proceed to check the status of the screen so it is not necessary to remove any protector from it, remember that all of them are the product warranty and once removed they will no longer be valid, the warranty will expire.

To check the MiA1 Mi5X screen it is only necessary to connect the connectors, remember that the terminal has to be turned off, for a better installation if it is necessary to remove the battery, we will do so, if it is not turned off it can cause a short in the IC . It simulates all the necessary tests to verify that the screen works correctly and behaves normally, if necessary, you can even download an application to help with this check.


Once checked it is when we go to the installation of it, if you were not prepared or you saw it very complicated you can always resort to a technical service that helps you in said installation, if on the contrary you decide to do it and it is the first time you We recommend that you watch a video on YouTube where you can more technically check the entire process and help you.

The installation of this screen is simple but delicate, to inform you that these spare parts are very fragile and you should take special care with the flex of the screen. Make sure that it does not bend more than ninety degrees, making more pressure than necessary or a bend in the wrong place can cause it to break and black screen display.

A bad installation will be seen at the end of it, vertical stripes, dead pixels will appear or you will simply not see anything, the black screen will remain.

Package includes:

1 X Full LCD Touch Screen for Xiaomi MiA1 MiX5

1 X Image tools.


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Compatible brand
For Xiaomi
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For Xiaomi Mi A1
Display: digitizer
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Package includes:
1 X Chosen Model Display
1 X
Image tools.
Repair Card
Before Installing Test its operation
With tools
Once the protectors have been removed or the warranty has been voided, you must test it before installation.
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With adhesive to fix the screen:
No es necesario.
Whit Frame
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