Original Screen for iPhone 8 Plus Complete LCD Touch Screen White Glass


Original screen for iPhone 8 Plus, compatible with Apple models A1864, A1897 and A1898. Full screen in black. This screen is composed of the Touch screen, which provides the sensitivity of the phone to the touch, and the LCD screen, this is the one that offers the image to the device. Therefore, this original screen for iPhone 8 Plus is the one you need as a replacement, in both cases.


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Original iPhone 8 Plus Full Touch Screen + LCD Retina Display  White Touch Glass

Full screen Original quality, this screen makes the touch function and in turn provides the image to the device.

You can buy this screen to change the broken screen your phone has and repair your iPhone 8 Plus. If you change this screen, you will be able to eliminate the problems that your phone gives you, such as touch sensitivity, screen breakage or scratches, dead pixels, color problems, etc.

Maximum replacement warranty, all our screens are tested before shipment.


New screen, HD retina, compatible with the iPhone number eight Plus model.

Factory assembled screen.

5.5-inch Multi-Touch LCD widescreen LED-backlit with IPS technology.

We have this screen in black or white, this is the White one.



Important: Before installing the screen better than turning off the mobile, remove the battery. Failure to do so will damage the motherboard IC, which will cause the touch screen to not work.

Do not install the screen for your iPhone 8 Plus when you receive it, before you must carefully check the status and appearance of it, confirm that it has arrived correctly and has not changed its appearance during shipping. If you detect any problem, you should contact us and send some photos so that from the corresponding department you can check the status of your situation and thus solve the incident as soon as possible.

Test the screen before removing any protector or sticker you have, remember that these are the proof of warranty of the replacement you just bought, if you remove them the product warranty will cease to be valid. It is essential to test the screen, which you have received, before moving on to its installation. Please simulate the necessary tests, hold the received screen, take the flex and connect it to your phone, turn it on, try the touch and the image. If the test is correct and the screen works normally you can install it. If, on the other hand, the phone does not show the image or suffers an incident, please contact us. You must take special care with the screen in the installation process, we would not be responsible for the damages caused in that process, since the repair is alien to our company.

When you open the phone you will see that there are many screws in the process of removing the screen and replacing it. All of them are different sizes and lengths from each other, which is why we advise you to be marked or classified. If a screw were placed in another place, that is, in a wrong place, the screen may break, be careful.


We advise at all times the protection of the spare part and the person who will install an ESD bracelet (Electrostatic discharge bracelet) or discharge the electricity from your body before touching any component of the smartphone. This will prevent this electricity from damaging the electronic components inside your mobile phone. In addition to this bracelet do not forget to protect your eyes and take special care not to cut your finger with the splinters that the glass detaches when removing the broken screen.

Changing the iPhone 8 Plus screen is a simple job, but yes, you have to take special care when handling the flex. With your thumb, hold the LCD flex and with the other hand bend at a 90º angle. If after the screen change vertical stripes are displayed, it is the result of having damaged the LCD.

After lifting the iPhone 8 Plus screen assembly, do not lift the screen more than 90º from the rear camera, this will prevent damage to the flexible cables.

Unplug the connectors from the front camera, the start button, the LCD screen and the flexible connector from the digitizer.

The flex cables should bend a little before installation, gently, do not use too much force, there should be no marks of bending the flex cables. Do not force any IC from the back of the screen, in general you should not force anything, everything must go by its natural fall

Connect all the previously disconnected flexes, one by one until you leave everything as when it started.

When plugging in the connectors, always keep the screen about 90º from the back cover.

With the update to iOS 11.3 the iPhone will not be able to adjust the brightness automatically, this will happen with any and all of the screen, even if its screen changes it in apple store.

Package includes:

1 x Original Screen for iPhone 8 Plus White


Data sheet

Compatible brand
For Apple
Compatible model
For iPhone 8 / 8 Plus
Display: digitizer
Package includes:
With tools
Once the protectors have been removed or the warranty has been voided, you must test it before installation.

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