Full Screen for Xiaomi Redmi NOTE 8 PRO Glass Original LCD Touch FRAME Display

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Full screen, LCD and with Frame touch for the Xiaomi Brand Redmi NOTE 8 PRO model in black. This replacement is what you need if your screen has broken with a blow or a fall and has stopped being sensitive to the touch or the image went completely black, dead pixels or stripes appear.

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This Xiaomi Redmi NOTE 8 PRO  screen is composed of the touch screen and the LCD screen with Frame .

The touch screen is the first one you find, it is sensitive to touch. It does the touch function of the phone, if it stopped working the phone would not respond when we pressed the screen with our fingers or touch pen, or simply work late, slowly, it would not be reaction action. It may be the case that you exercise your functions slowly or simply are non-existent and do not respond to touch.

The LCD screen is the second one that has the phone, it is the one that brings image to the device. Knowing that it has stopped working is simple, dead pixels may appear on it, vertical stripes or be visibly all black. The phone would turn on without a problem but it wouldn't let us see the image clearly.

With this screen you can completely repair any incident, problem or symptom of deterioration that the screen of your Xiaomi Redmi NOTE 8 PRO phone has

Change the screen of the Xiaomi Redmi NOTE 8 PRO

All screens, whatever the brand, have touch-sensitive components, so we from Dicas Mobile recommend previously downloading electricity from the body, with a gesture as simple as putting on any bracelet or glove when handling any component electronic.

In the same way we advise to protect eyes when removing the old screen, some of the crystals can break off and fall into sensitive areas.


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Compatible brand
For Xiaomi
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For Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro
Display: digitizer
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Package includes:
1 X Chosen Model Display
1 X
Image tools.
Repair Card
Before Installing Test its operation
With tools
Once the protectors have been removed or the warranty has been voided, you must test it before installation.
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Whit Frame

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