Touch Screen LCD For Huawei P SMART / Enjoy 7S WITHOUT Frame WHITE FIG-LX1 LX2 LX3


Has the screen of your terminal broken and you can not see the image or is the touch that has started to fail and does not respond to the movements of your fingers?

If any of the components of the screen of your Huawei P Smart has been damaged or broken, you only have to buy this spare part, with it you will say goodbye to the headaches that cause this type of faults and you will be able to continue using your phone without need to spend a lot of money.

The screen that we offer is original, it is a complete, LCD touch screen more, frameless models for Huawei P Smart, Enjoy 7S, FIG-LX1, FIG-LA1, FIG-LX2, FIG-LX3.


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Huawei Reference: P Smart

Type: Complete (Glass with digitizer + LCD)

Compatibility: P Smart / Enjoy 7S / FIG-LX1 / FIG-LA1 / FIG-LX2 / FIG-LX3

With Adhesive to fix the screen: Yes

White color

Original full screen, this spare that we offer already comes with the LCD and the touch glass or digitizer in one piece for easy installation.

The screens are one of the pieces of the phone that breaks more and more problems suffers with shock, falls, humidity and misuse. When all this happens it is necessary to change the smartphone because it stops working, we recommend you not to have that high expense to buy this screen and replace the screen that has your phone. In this way it will give you a more economical solution to the defect and incidence and will recover the normal functioning of your mobile device.

Before its installation.

It is advisable not to install the screen just after receiving it, first of all you have to check that the screen received is the one you have requested and needs, it is also advisable to check that it has arrived in perfect condition and has no mark or any deterioration transportation reasons.

Once in accordance with what you have received and checked the status of the screen, then go to perform the functional test, which entitles you to the warranty, replacement or change of the same.

If once the initial test has been carried out, it gives an optimal result, then and only then, we move on to the installation of the screen, below we leave you some steps to help you in the replacement of the spare part.

How to change the Huawei P Smart screen

Remove the battery cover.

The phone must be kept off in the process of changing the screen for it either you have to remove the battery or simply turn it off, inform it that if the screen change is made with the phone on it can damage the IC of the motherboard, which will cause irreversible damage to the touch screen of your phone.

Going to remove the other pieces, it is advisable to take special care and always remember where you will have to place each of them.

To perform the extraction and removal of the broken or damaged screen, we recommend that for this process use visual protection, sometimes a piece of glass can jump which can cause damage to the eyesight.

Before checking the screen it is advisable to get an electrostatic wrist strap or previously download the electricity to avoid damaging the components of the phone.

Now is when you have to perform the operation test, remember that it is not necessary or advisable to remove the protectors that have the acquired screen, these are the guarantee of it. Be especially careful with the flex cable of the screen, do not bend it more than ninety degrees and manipulate it delicately, it is very sensitive to touch.

You can download an app to test the screen and detect if there is a dead pixel or defect in it, remember that once mounted there is no guarantee.

Once all the necessary tests have been carried out and exhaustively verify that the screen is in perfect condition and works perfectly, that is when we move on to the installation process.

We send a glue with which you can help to fix the screen and leave it mounted and finished as if the repair had been made by a technician. To apply the glue we recommend that the surface where it is to be applied be thoroughly cleaned, if necessary you can use a dryer to heat the glue and it is more fluid, we recommend leaving it to dry 24H.

Package includes:

1 x Original Full Screen for Huawei P Smart / Enjoy 7S

1 x Image tools.


Data sheet

Compatible brand
For Huawei
Compatible model
For Huawei Enjoy 7S
For Huawei P Smart
Display: digitizer
Unit Type
Number of units
Package includes:
1 X Chosen Model Display
1 X
Image tools.
Before Installing Test its operation
With tools
Once the protectors have been removed or the warranty has been voided, you must test it before installation.
With adhesive to fix the screen:
Whit Frame
Do Not
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