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OLED Full LCD Touch Screen Samsung Galaxy J5 2017 J530 SM-J530F Gold Golden

VAT included

Full screen OLED Quality (LCD + Digitizer) for Samsung Galaxy J5 2017 J530F SM-J530F, with BRIGHTNESS CONTROL, this screen is what you should put your phone if you can not see the image, you will see stripes, dead pixels or not the touch screen works, if it has cracks or has been broken due to a blow or an unexpected fall.

It is advisable to change the entire screen and not just the touch screen, it is very difficult to change this single screen, when wanting to separate both screens at the end you can damage the LCD and as a result you will have to change the two. Therefore we recommend for this model, always change the full screen.

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Full LCD OLED Touch Screen for Samsung Galaxy J5 2017 J530 J530F SM-J530F Gold

Full screen, this screen has two screens, the external screen that is the touch screen or digitizer glass and the internal screen, LCD screen, this is what brings the image to the device.

Remember that you are buying a compatible screen, in pantallaparamoviles.es we offer you two qualities, both with BRIGHT ADJUSTMENT, here you are buying OLED quality:

OLED screen:

It is a high quality spare part, has similar characteristics to the original spare part and contains original components. The panel of these screens is AMOLED, it fits perfectly when installed and the edges are bevelled.

You can buy this screen to replace the defective and repair your Samsung Galaxy J5 2017 J530 J530F SM-J530F phone thus eliminating the problems of display, screen breakage and scratching, dead pixels, color problems, etc.

All our screens are tested and tested before shipment.

The screens are sent in a box, with bubble wrap, thus ensuring that they arrive correctly at their destination.


New screen, OLED quality, compatible with Samsung J5 (2017) with BRIGHTNESS ADJUSTMENT.

All screens have built-in adhesive for a better and easier fixation.

Keep in mind before making the purchase that this screen is a compatible screen therefore it is of lower quality than the original one, but of an optimal functioning.

The screen can receive it with a rectangle in the upper part at the height of the samsung logo, you can remove it without problems, you can remove it by scratching the black paint with a small coin. We can send you a video where you will see the process to be followed for its elimination, request it if you want to visualize it.

We have this screen in different colors, you can buy it in black, gold or silver.

Here you can see step by step how to change the screen of Samsung Galaxy J5 2017



Before installing the screen turn off the phone, if you can not turn it off, instead, remove the battery. Otherwise, you will damage the IC on the motherboard, which will cause the touch screen to not work.

Do not install the acquired screen immediately after receiving it, first carefully check the status and appearance of the screen, make sure it has arrived in perfect condition and has not deteriorated its appearance in the transport. If there is a problem, contact us that day and send us some photos to check the status and solve the problem as soon as possible.

It is important to test and check the screen before removing any protector or sticker you have, these protectors are the warranty test of each screen, once the warranty is removed it will no longer be valid.

It is essential to test the screen before installation. Please simulate the tests, hold the received screen, take the flex and plug it into your phone, turn on, try the touch and the image. If the test is correct, only then proceed to install it. If for some reason it does not show the image, please contact us. Do not force the screen to be installed on the mobile phone. We are NOT responsible if the mobile phone is damaged during installation.

You will notice that there are many screws in the process of removing the screen and replacing it. These screws are different sizes and lengths so we recommend that they be marked. If you put a screw out of its place, in the wrong place, it can have as its purpose the breakage of it, be careful.


It is advisable to use an ESD bracelet (electrostatic discharge bracelet) or discharge the electricity from your body before touching any component of the smartphone. In this way, you will prevent that electricity from damaging the electronic components inside your mobile phone. In addition to this bracelet do not forget to protect your eyes and take special care not to cut your finger with the splinters that the glass gives off when removing the broken screen.

Changing the Samsung screen is a slow and easy but delicate work, since it is a very fragile spare part. Make sure that the flex cable does not bend too much. Doubling this component more than 90º will cause and cause the black screen to be displayed.

It is recommended so that the screen is well fixed that the frame of it is very clean, if heat is also applied to the edges with a dryer, it will make the glue do its job better, we also include a glue pot of 3 grams in case it would be useful. Let dry for 24 hours.

Package includes:

1 x Full screen J5 Pro SM-j530F (2017)

1 x Image tools.


Data sheet

Compatible brand
For Samsung
Compatible model
For Samsung Galaxy J5
OLED screen
Package includes:
1 x Pantalla completa J5 Pro SM-j530F (2017)
1 X
Herramientas de la imagen
Before Installing Test its operation
With adhesive to fix the screen:
With tools
Once the protectors have been removed or the warranty has been voided, you must test it before installation.
LCD 4.96"
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